4 Ways Disposable Mascara Wands Can Serve Big Purposes

4 Ways Disposable Mascara Wands Can Serve Big Purposes

Disposable mascara wands are great little beauty tools. Besides using them to apply or touch-up your mascara, Lauren Valenti at Cosmopolitan.com gives us great uses for disposable mascara wands.

Free Spoolie Brushes from Sephora Uses 

http://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/a8943684/disposable-mascara-wand-uses/True life: I hoard disposable mascara wands from Sephora. It’s not the most honorable thing but they’re so useful to have around I can’t help myself. You can also spray the wand with hair spray to style your arches as you would with a brow, wax, or pomade. Read more at cosmopolitan.com


Lauren suggests these alternative uses:

  • Spruce up brows
  • Exfoliate lips
  • Smooth nails and remove cuticles
  • Tame flyaway hair strands

The only point I disagree with in Lauren’s post is her suggestion of hoarding wands from cosmetic stores, like Ulta and Sephora. I suggest you buy a package of disposable wands. Here are three options for you:




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